Guide on how to talk to your friends who are on twitter/skype/msn/facebook
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As much as I don't want to admit it. Everyone is running away from MSN Messenger. Hardly anyone goes on it anymore. Well, WHY?!


I'm sure that this is a real pain in the ass for most people as well. Communicating over many different platforms doesn't have to be a painful process. I'm here to fix that.

Firstly, Windows Live Messenger, I love it. I don't understand why people is moving onto other forms of communication. Did you know you could chat to your Facebook friends on it?

As you can see on the bottom right hand corner, you can click Add to connect more services to your MSN Messenger.
When you're chatting on Facebook, you will be notified like so,

Skype sadly isn't able to be connected. However, since Microsoft has acquired Skype, I believe you'll see the integration sometime soon. So you'll be stuck with the default application for now.

Twitter, can be run as a background through Google chrome if you're using Tweetdeck. You can then tweet, reply, and get notifications from it.

Of course, this isn't very elegant.
Read on, for the 4 in 1 solution.

Cue, Trillian.

My favourite messenger of all time.

You can connect to every single popular social networks available. I use it when my network allows it. (it's being blocked when I'm in school because well.. it's too complicated to explain).

Anyway, the main point is that you can chat with your friends from Facebook, Twitter, Skype and MSN from one single location. It'll just pop up in an IM window. (except Twitter, more on this later)

Facebook, MSN, Skype
As you can see, it's very simple, you're not going to get anything fanciful. But that's just the way I like it. I prefer just pure text when it comes to messaging. It feels more fluid that way.

Twitter integration

It's a window will pop up when you click on the icon on your taskbar. so you can basically do everything you want on it. It works the same way for Facebook. You get notifications from it as well.

There is also a Trillian for Android as well. It works the same way. Just mobile, which makes you wanna slap yourself in the face and go.

"How could I have not known this?!"

If you've ever wondered why I can sometimes reply on so many different social networks really quickly, this is my secret.

I'll love it if everyone stayed on 1 social network. Unfortunately the society doesn't work like this; so this is the best option I have at hand to deal with all the fickle minded people jumping from 1 platform to the next.

There you go, the solution to your "too many friends" problem.

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