It's chalet again
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The main point of this post isn't about the chalet.

It's the pictures.

Because I somehow managed to captured 3 photos that I'm really really happy with.
Let me start it off with my favourite shot of the day.

Shot with SGSII

I'm simply love how the colours melt together. I mean, yeah, I edited it quite a bit but at least it worked out nicely. I realize that when you keep editing non-stop, it's no longer about fixing the image, it became painting with light and colours.

Shot with SGSII

This ranked no.2 in my list. Because it's such a unique image. I decided to include a before and after so you can roughly wrap your head around it.

Yes, it's not magic nor wizardry. Just a lot of clever tinkering around with colours and light.

Let me talk about the chalet a little.

Yeah, if you think his face is familiar. It's because it is. Credits to the cook who helped us barbecued just about everything. I felt like an ass for not really helping out, but well, the food's good so there's that.

Oh, we managed to cycle from Pasir Ris to Punggol. Which I discovered earlier in the day. The journey was rather long, but it doesn't feel so when it's nice and cooling at night. The only downside was the stench floating in the air from the farms near the route.

Why did we cycle over 10km in the middle of the night? So that we could prawn again. Yes, prawning at Punggol, yet again. I wasn't really into it, so I went back home to have a nice sleep after staying for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, they had a bad catch with a all time low of 8 prawns in 3hours. Well, maybe the prawns got smarter.

On the last day, which is this morning, I walked around to talk some pictures. The top 2 pictures were taken this morning as well. (I wanted to put this as daily photo but it wouldn't make much sense)

Anyway, I was the first to rise in the morning, when I looked out the door I saw this spider web and thought: "hmm, I've never taken a picture of a spider web before".

Shot with Sony HX9V

I'm thankful for the bright sunlight hitting it, or I wouldn't have been able to focus on it. As I looked around, I saw this flock of birds, I turned to take a picture, and manage to catch this.

Awwww! It was chirping non-stop at the other bird. Probably cause of the food. If you look really closely the bird on the right has a piece of food on it's beak.

This is more or less it! There are probably quite a few details I missed out but well, it's good enough. On a random note, fuck Garena.

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