So... exams are over?
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exams are over

I just lost my reason to live.
Yes I'm asian. 

I mean, as a student in Singapore, school holidays can only mean 2 things.

#1 Projects, or homework, or just tons of shit related to school.

#2 Boredom. You realize you have so much time on hand you can't think of any way to use them without feeling like an idiot wasting his time.

Once in a blue moon, you encounter a situation which gives you the best of both worlds; or the worst of it if you want to look at it that way. Enter, me! I have roughly 1 ~ 2 weeks of time before my internship at some random company at a random location chosen randomly by my school.

Sh*t I don't say: Yay! 

There's no point thinking about it. "If you can't swim against the current, float with it". Hopefully this current will bring me somewhere nice and not drop me at some waterfall.

On the side note, I realized why people love rage face comics so much. It's very effective at conveying a message or emotion across. Which is why I'm going to start using them more often from now on.

In the good news section, I think I received a holiday present pretty darn early with an astonishing view count today. Thanks to the Why jerks get the girls post.

Yes that was really how I felt.

Well, the traffic almost exclusively came from Facebook. So thankyou, to all the people who bothered sharing it. You've succeeded in brightening my day, and also turning more guys into jerks.

I'll end this off by saying,


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