Things to do when you're bored
Sunday, February 19, 2012

I realized that I haven't written anything stupid in this blog yet. Out of the 188 published, none of them are pointless. So I thought, this isn't befitting of my lifestyle.

"I love doing pointless things."
because I can.

  1. Type with only your thumbs.
  2. Shout out of your windows, "I AM A GOD!"
  3. Go up to a girl and say OH SHIT! then walk away
  4. Eat poriddge with chopsticks
  5. Eat noodles with a spoon.
  6. Face the fan and go "BLAAAUUUOOOOOOAGH"
  7. Change your birthday on facebook to today, and wait.
  8. Like every single post you see on facebook
  9. Retweet everything you see on twitter
  10. Take the lift up and down 20 times
  11. Stare at a random stranger, pick up your phone and say loudly "he's the one"
  12. Troll everyone on youtube
  13. Bathe with your clothes on
  14. Draw moustache and eyeliner on random posters
  15. Soak your biscuit in your drink for 1minute before eating
  16. Faceplant into your bed when you go to sleep
  17. Stare at your friend and don't say anything for 5mins.
  18. Watch Steven Lim on Youtube
  19. Watch Aaron Tan on Youtube
  20. Watch Steven Lim and Aaron Tan on 2 windows simultaneously
  21. Watch all the videos on this channel
  22. Read all the post on this blog

Okay I ran out of stupid things to do. I guess I'm just not as pointless as I thought I am. At least do 1 of the stuffs listed here? Because some are pretty easy. I've done probably 4 or 5 of the things here. No gifts for guessing the right ones.

Well, hope you have fun doing it. Good luck my minions~

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