This is why you finish eating the same time as your friends
Monday, February 13, 2012

Have you noticed that when you go out with your friends, most if not all of them will finish eating the same time as you?
(unless they ordered something ridiculous, or just one of those "worth-a-slap" slow eaters)

Well, I noticed.

Let me just blow your mind away with the answer.

"Because we're trained to do so."

Yeah, seriously. All of us are trained to eat at roughly the same speed. How?! If you still don't get it yet, let me spoil it for you.


Ever wonder how those 20~30min recesses screw with your body? There's your proof. After a minimum of 10years in school, rushing for those recesses, we have literally trained ourselves to eat within a certain time limit.

It gets even more interesting in my high school. 

We had this rule. This, hell of a stupid rule. That the last person to finish has to clear all the plates. It wasn't a school rule of course, it was an unspoken one among our group. The worst part? It was a shit-your-pants kind of a huge group, more than 40 people. Of course we will split into 2~3 tables and you just had to clear for that table.

It was also kind of a common courtesy to buy from the same stall. Because you'll be a giant dick in the anus if you bought from a different one (since we had to carry the plates back to the stall). So everyone would rush down, get as in front of the queue as possible, rush back to the table, and eat like a freaking mongrel.

It was fun though.

Not to mention that when all the guys go in nation service, they'll be further trained in their eating habits.

Well, it was just a random thing I realized when I went out for dinner with P, and realize we both finished almost the exactly the same time.

Schools, you really wonder how else they train you to do certain things unconsciously. 

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