10,000 views! Why I chose photography over drawing
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, finally. Finally I manage to hit a 5 digit number with my blog views.

Not that it's the main point of this random blog, but you know, seeing it does make the sides of my mouth twitch upwards like so (:

Anyway, back to the main topic,


Yes, I actually took the time to write that out.

I kid. 

This is the full thing that I wrote, for the the sake of illustrating my point. (see what I did there?)

The honest truth is, I really suck at drawing. I can't imagine for nuts. I guess that's also because I never really bothered sitting down, and learning how to draw from the start, I just pick up a pencil, and start copying shit. Well, that's one way of learning, but that's one shitty way of doing it.

Basically, I can't really picture things in my head. At least not in detail.

In fact, the only thing that I can do is patterns, okay, I hardly do them anymore because they're more of a doodle during class, now that I don't have class anymore, and my classes these days hardly require a use of a pen/pencil. You see where I'm going with that.

Drawing requires patience. Lots of it. I COULD, sit down and draw something for hours. But... you know, it's not as satisfying as pressing the shutter, and obtaining a piece of beauty straight away.

My favourite drawing is probably this,

That took, bloody hours to complete. I mean, well yeah it's great and all, but when you compare it to something like this,

The reward to effort ratio is far far greater!

Also, I love to edit my pictures. I used to think that it's fake and all. I mean, it depends. If an image is taken for visual pleasure, and not for any scientific documentation. I feel that, if it looks nicer edited, then it should be edited.

For example, for such a shitty drawing, just a couple of minutes with the magic of my fingers, I can turn it into something half decent.

As you can see clearly, if you compare the top image, the benefits of playing with colours yields in abundance.

So basically, if I was any good at drawing, I would pick that. Mostly because it's way cheaper. Because it gives me the freedom to draw what I'm thinking! But as the way things are, photography seems like a easier route for me to express myself.

On that topic, I found out that there are 2 distinct personalities...? No, sides, there are 2 different sides to my passion. I love computers, I love art, but I only have that much money, I can't decide which guilty pleasure I should indulge myself in. #firstworldproblems

Honestly though, I'm really caught in a dilemma. On one hand, I really really want to upgrade my geek fortress, I get shivers thinking about it, on the other hand, I really really want to get a great camera, and shoot the hell out of everything. I could only choose one, for the next 3 years. Why? Because of NS. I mean, sure I could get them when I'm in it but, I really doubt I have the energy to tinker with both these things when I'm that tired.

Bitch please, before I even start to think about those. I should probably start worry about the hole in my pocket because I overspent again this month.

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