Daily Photo #72 - Day 2 of ITP
Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sentenced to confinement

Yes, that is where I spend 9 hours in. Okay minus the lunch and screwing around. Maybe 7+.

This is kind of my idea of the job I won't want to get in my life. Being trapped in a tiny cubicle with mountains of paper. Sadly, that's the situation I'm finding myself in. This is already considered very neat as I was already packing up.

During work, there will be paper all over the table. My supervisor came over today and said, "You know that this is your space, you can arrange it however you want, but isn't it a little too messy?"

So I was like, "It's easier to work like that."
And she replied "Boys will be boys".

COME ON, IT'S WORK IN PROGRESS FOR A REASON. Well, now that I'm home at a decent timing, let me talk you through my "not that boring any more" workplace. (not that it's totally not boring)

Firstly, I have a supervisor that's like a mum to me. Like really, the way she behave and all, typical mum. I guess that's great cause she takes care of me. But man, be thankful that I'm a genius, or you won't find someone who'll remember and understand everything that came out from your mouth.

Moving on, she has 2 close colleagues. 1 sitting beside, and another from some other department. I like the one sitting beside. Let me make this clear once and for all. I do not like older women. (at least not twice my age or more).

That aside, she's a really interesting person. She has a really quirky personality, which I always welcome. Quirky people are fun to be with.  She has a habit of checking the expiry date on every single product that she uses, she has very weird habits and makes sure she eat fruits everyday. Like, after lunch she would specifically go to a stall just to buy fruits. That's, pretty interesting.

Surprisingly, she stays in the same area as me! So we went home together today. I wonder how she was like when she's younger, like really, I can imagine her being a really really really weird person. I don't hate that.

Last but not least, there's this Malaysian, whom I find strangely similar to my cousin. So I had no trouble talking to her at all. There's nothing much to say about her I guess, a typical woman finding work in Singapore? I'm guessing around her late twenties to early thirties.

On the random side, I manage to know a cute girl today. So kudos to me, and I shall pat myself on my back. *pat pat*

I think this is the first time since forever that I've actually wrote about my day in decent details. I'm interested in everyone else's ITP experiences, because I'm sure it'll be leaps and bounds better than mine. Still, beggars can't be choosers.

2 down, 28 days to go.

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