Daily Photo #73 - Mini phone dock, Day 3 ITP
Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Shot on SGSII

What is that?
It's a phone dock obviously, self made.

I bent it out of a a clothe hanger. It wasn't easy even with pliers, but I guess it worked somehow. The ice cream stick part was added on later because I wanted to be able to use the phone when it's docked. Without it, the dock will topple over when I start probing the screen.

So here's how it look like with the phone.

There's another dock that I made earlier, but it looked like shit, so I won't post it. I also "made" one for my laptop; will post it another day. I recently start liking to make my own things, I think it's fun, makes things interesting.

Moving on to my Day 3 ITP experience.

My main focus of the day was:


I guess I kind of succeeded? But then I realized that they were all from the same department, and my efforts seemed to be rendered useless. That aside though, I'm amazed by how we manage to find everyone in a really short amount of time. Literally every intern there.

Had lunch together, which was kind of awkward. It's to be expected since it's like the first time I've even seen their faces. The worst part for me isn't the random awkward silence pauses, it's that all of them spoke Mandarin almost exclusively.

Let me clarify, it's not that my Mandarin is bad, I'm just not fond of speaking it. 因为他妈的我不可以把人骂地痛快!Okay kidding, I'm alright with it, I just don't have a vast selection of vocab on nouns. Bloody nouns kill me.

On the brighter side of things, remember the wonder machine that I told you about?

Apparently, Milo is a huge hit in the company, and it's kind of like a sacred item, so you'll be lucky if you manage to get it.

I got it today.

BOOOYAH! In fact I've been drinking Milo 3 days in a row. I guess my luck isn't so bad after all! I've also more or less settled down in my lonely cubicle. In the morning I was eating lollipops and drinking coke, while chatting with the other interns through the company's messenger. STILL, I managed to finish my work and surprised the shit outta my colleague.

Anyway, things seem to be brightening up nicely, hopefully this continues for the remaining 26days.

To all the minions having a hard time interning, take it easy, like me, and things will get better. This is the Lord, signing off~

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