Daily Photo #74 - Prata at Jalan Kayu, ITP Day 4
Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bottom: Plain, Onion, Egg.  Top: Banana Prata

Unfortunately there's only one picture cause well, I was busy eating.

Went with Y out of the blue. Was the prata nice? Well... It is. But I still prefer the ones from a particular store in Bedok Simpang. 

Well, it was fun meeting up, exchanged stories from our work place, chatted about random stuffs.
There isn't much else I would want to write up here, like the pee story. 

So I'm moving on to my experience in Day 4.

If I had to describe it in one word, it'll be


There's all there is to it. I'm finally getting used to doing this.
No, it didn't get anymore interesting.
No, there isn't any cute girls sitting near me.
No, there are no interns near me.

But yes, even if it's shit, if you're constantly exposed to it, anyone will be accustomed to the smell of it.

I guess the fun part was trying to make friends from different departments. My job today stayed mostly the same, except for this Tea session that they had.

At first I thought it was a real tea session, with tea and people get to walk and mingle around. My hopes were shattered when I entered the meeting room. Like... what the. In my perspective, it seems more like a meeting than a tea session. It's a meeting with snacks, that's what it is. The boss was like telling the department the company's goals. (LOL, I never thought I'll get to use the word, "the boss" so literally)

Skipping the boring parts, I learnt something interesting today.
Adults are kids, trapped in an old body. 

Almost everything that I've seen today can be found in my daily school life.

For example, the infamous "anyone have a question or anything to say?"
Then everyone will keep their mouths shut while they looked around the room in awkward silence. Is it something unique to Asian people? I don't know.

There's the "that guy who always break the ice because of something"
So there's a particular guy that's always called upon. Because of whatever reasons, and everyone will laugh because.. it's funny somehow.

Basically I haven't really seen anything out of the ordinary. Is it because I'm already grown up? Or because they just aren't that much different from us? Well, I've been pondering that question for the past few days since my intern has started.

It seems like I'm at a turning point in life, it's not before long that I'm officially an adult. Do I look forward to it? Well, of course. But at the moment, I just want to prolong my diminishing youth as much as possible.

Well, that felt kinda depressing. Anyway, this is Day 4, with 25 days remaining (:

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