Daily Photo #75 - Look out. ITP Day 5
Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking out of the Suntec Tower

Both photos shot on my phone. 

It's only the 26th storey, but it does give a pretty spectacular view. Sadly though, this is not the view from where I sat, but from another room in the office. I mean, if I were to be greeted by this everyday, I probably wouldn't mind going to work for a month.

I think that the top photo looks more pleasant, but I prefer the bottom one.

The ferris wheel! 

You get a rough idea of where I'm shooting the picture from I think!

So this is Day 5 of my ITP.

Word of the day:


The first week is officially over! Well, this post is one day late, but for a good reason. But let me start with the lousier one first, I was tired.

Now for the good part, because my dad bought a brand new shiny TV. It's a Samsung 46" SmartTV. Does it look good? Fuck yeah it does.

Am I excited?

Well, thing is, I don't watch TV. I never really understood the appeal of a TV. The internet is my life, quite literally. So I persuaded my dad to get the "Smart" TV so that it has wireless connectivity an a suite of online capabilities. The best part is, I can stream videos from my phone to the TV directly. DIRECTLY. NO SETUP/WIRES NEEDED.

Of course, a huge gadget like this deserves a post all on it's own. So I'll get to it once I'm done with all the setup and networking stuffs.

As for the ITP experience, I'll like to announce that they finally changed (aka upgraded) my working laptop. (yes they issued me one). So my experience is less painful as they replace a 12" with a 15" one.

Some Dell Business Laptop

Performance is no longer as sluggish. I can finally see more things on the screen. Typing doesn't feel as cramped anymore. Sad to say, it's still only got dual-core with 2GB of ram running Windows 7 Professional. Good enough for admin work I'll say!

On the awesome side of things, turns out my supervisor will be on leave next Monday. And since my attendance isn't taken... I do have a choice of not going to work. Of course, I'm not that lazy, I'll still go to work. However, I'm pretty sure I'll arrive late and leave early (:

Well, it was a pretty great Friday, had lunch with all the interns.
It's Saturday, and I'm bummed out that I'm not going to the AHS carnival. Oh well, here's The Lord signing off.

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