Daily Photo #76 - Laptop dock
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My battle station!

I've mentioned the other time that I "made" a laptop dock for myself? This is it. I just realized I should've taken out the laptop and show the dock itself, but I was using the com and it's a pain to remove everything just for taking a picture.

As you can see, I have a messy table.

A better look at how the dock looks like.

Cable clutter

Jutting USBs
 Well, I have a lot of things on my table because this is like, the control station. Speakers, monitors, routers, modems, phones will pass through here more or less.

Oh in case you're wondering, when I'm home my laptop is always connected to a 23" monitor. Which explains the HDMI out. Surprisingly, this set up actually increases airflow to my laptop, making it less noisy. However, I encounter a rather troublesome problem, which is that my mic is obstructed. Though it doesn't make it completely useless. Well, I don't have time for skyping these days so it's fine either way.

OH, for the stand, it's just something that I bought from Daiso. $2. I have no bloody idea what it is actually for, but it seems good enough, so I got it. Then I applied anti-slip... adhesive? Okay I don't know what you call that, it's just a material that's kind of like felt. Which I glued to the base and the contact point of the laptop.

Hence, it's really pretty darn stable and won't slide on the table at all.

On the random side of things, I manage to get an incredible speed when I was downloading a game on my phone through my home network. Thoroughly impressed with it.

Like a boss

Making things is fun, if you have the chance, go ahead and try something new. Though as the LOG I would hope that it's some geeky project you'll embark on.

Oh well, shan't drag this any longer. Bye my minons! 

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