Daily Photo #78 - Because work is boring
Saturday, March 17, 2012

A random shot
I skipped work again. Because there was nothing to do, and my bosses weren't there. I don't think my time is cheap enough for me to be payed, $18 to sit there for 9hours. No way in hell man. That's like $2/hr. Wtf? I'm willing to get scolded for it.

So basically I went work for 1.5hours. And left to meet up with D for pool. Man, I seriously should stop playing so often, it's a bloody waste of money.

Anyway, nothing much to write home about. Slacked for a while, then met up with XXXX (as requested), had dinner in foodcourt because we're so oh-very-broke. I guess that kinda counts as chilling out. Though I really really really hate going to town on friday nights. Or just anywhere with huge loads of people.

The noise, the smell and the heat puts me off greatly. I wonder how I'm going to survive in NS.

Feeling real sleepy, I need to get some sleep. I should probably do some sketching later on if I'm in the mood. Ah, life is so boring right now. Working in the soul-sucking job of admin really turns you into a lifeless zombie.

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