Daily Photo #79 - Prawning months ago, new home screen
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sun rise!

Here's a shot I wanna share months ago! But I think I forgot to upload it, like yeah, it's black and all but I like it. Don't know why, maybe because even with all the lack of details, I could figure out where/what it is.

Okay, so I finally bothered updating my home screen. Been using the same thing for waaaay too long.

The ongoing thing will stay there, it's a function from Beautiful Widgets. Been using that for awhile on my homescreen but realize it didnt' fit the new theme so I'm back to Minimalistic Text.

Today was boring, I tried sketching, but ultimately failed. I think I did manage to get the scene out, but it was like, the building blocks you know. I couldn't put in the details. Which kind of made me realize something. My imagination sucks. I can't imagine something clearly in my head.

Am I turning stupid or something? But when I try to imagine something, the image comes out rather fuzzy in my mind. Maybe I'm not observing things well enough. Maybe, I just suck at drawing. Well, there's a shitty realization that there's work tomorrow which I'm dreading totally.

Man, writer's block suck.

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