Daily Photo #80 - Helix ornament, ITP Week 3
Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saw this interesting ornament outside the foodcourt where I was having lunch today. It's located at millenia walk. Snapped a shot, loved the angle.

I realized I didn't write anything about my ITP last week, whatever, nothing interesting happened.

However, in the blink of an eye, the 3rd week is already nearing it's end. Tomorrow will be Friday, and I would have accomplished nothing in 3 weeks of my supposedly holidays.

But things got better from yesterday onwards.

Firstly, I went to work at 1pm yesterday.
Because I'm a boss.

Kidding, because my boss was being nice. Thanks to D for giving me the idea for asking if I could skip work without getting MC. Yes, I'm not kidding, I asked my boss if I could not go to work without an MC because I wasn't not feeling well.

Well, she told me to rest, and come later if I'm feeling better, or just go see a doctor. Which, I gladly took her offer to come later to work.

I was really feeling like shit by the way. Insomnia. I lay on my bed for 4hours+++ unable to sleep. So with only 2 hours of sleep, there's no way I'm able to work at all. No I'm serious, I can't. It's not an excuse, my body is made like that. Problem?

So anyway, I went to work all chirpy and energetic for the first time. My boss/colleagues commented on how I seemed, more active today. I was like, "because I finally had enough sleep."

Afterwards I tried to negotiate with my boss if there was anyway I could come late everyday. That didn't work out as well as I would like it to. Nevertheless, because of the surplus of energy, I could finally converse with my colleagues without looking/sounding like I'm about to drop dead any moment. The day was actually fun, due to the short working hours due to all the entertainment I got from conversing with people.

My colleague... let me put it this way, showed excess interest in my love life like how an aunt would. (or as we Singaporeans call it, Kaypoh). They were really direct about their questions about how I felt towards another intern. They were trying to match make us from the first day. Well, let's see how that'll go shall we?

So for today, thanks to the proper sleep I had from last night, I went to work slightly more awake than I normally would. Day proceeded smoothly, got to talk a little more with the other interns. Seem to have dropped the awkwardness between me and my boss/colleague, frequency of conversations increased, and so did the duration of them.

Oh, as for what I'm putting my attention to, she asked me to do up a proposal for a 250pax BBQ. I honestly have absolutely no experience in doing large events, nor do I have the needed experience for organizing anythings. In fact, I have a distaste for organizing things. They are a pain in the butt.

Obviously, I failed, twice in a row. She mocked and ridiculed my methods, but I swear to hell she hasn't been to too many BBQ, or at least she doesn't have to cook for anything like that.

Because I ordered a lot of cooked food, but she wants most of them raw. I mean weeeeell, yeah it's true that you have to BBQ for a BBQ. But... BBQing is a real pain in the ass. Either way, it's not like either of us is wrong, I'm just more awesome. That said, everything is coming together nicely, and it seems like she's on leave again tomorrow so I'll have a great time doing absolutely nothing. 

3 weeks down, 3 to go. I can't wait to be released from this demonic bind.

Let's hope things will keep looking brighter everyday, here's The Lord, signing off~ 

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