Daily Photo #82 - Catfish awesomeness
Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My brother caught a catfish 2 days ago, from the Punggol Prawning place. Yes, they have fishing there too. It's a pretty huge ass fish. Almost a meter long I believe.

Well, none of us in the family have ever gutted a fish before. My mum is unwilling to try (for god knows what reasons), so me and my bro decide to do it our way. The clumsy way.

Here comes the chopper.

Let me put this out first.

The fish is hard to cut.

Like, literally hard. We tried, slicing, chopping and stabbing. We failed to penetrate the fish. (no pun intended). But really, wtf, it took us almost 10 full minutes to finally make a cut on the ridiculously tough skinned fish. I'm not kidding when I say that we use really a lot of strength to get through the skin.

As usual, viewer discretion is advised as things are going to get pretty gruesome/bloody from here on.

Finally made it through! 
 Read the following 2 caption in the hokey pokey tune.

I put my right hand in,i left my left hand out.

and i pull the fats all out

Nah I'm kidding, my bro was actually the one doing the job, I'm the photographer!

With great precision

My dad stepped in to help out

 By the time we're finally done, it's already 1230am. I say we did well considering that it's the first time any of us tried something like this!

Oh, and if you noticed that the photos look different, that's because I was using my bro's Fuji x100 to take the pictures. I wouldn't say that it's great or anything, but I think it turned out pretty well, considering that I don't really know how to use it!

Of course, the magic happened the next day, during dinner. Where my fantastic mum turn those meat, into food that we can actually eat.


Ginger and... whatnot

Well, it looks pretty awesome doesn't it?

Long story short, even though I don't eat fish, this is good, it doesn't have any of the fish taste, or any bad taste at all. It's just meat, with sauce.

Let's hope there'll be more interesting things coming shall we?
Here's The Lord signing off~

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