First day of ITP was...
Monday, March 05, 2012


There's only one acceptable way of phrasing it. It was shit.

The introduction was more than 2 hours long. My butt was aching sitting down still for such a long time. I'm more of the fidgety kind, especially when I have absolutely nothing to do. Since there were new employees, the briefing was targeted towards them.

Which, made it really pointless for the interns.

Anyway, I learned a whole bunch of stuffs today that I'm pretty sure I would never use them in my entire life. At least, I hope that I will not be stuck in a situation where I'll have to use them.

My supervisor/colleagues were really nice to me, so it made everything pretty smooth through.
In summary, admin work sucks, paperwork sucks, filing document sucks, checking for errors suck.

On the brighter side of things, there was something really awesome in the pantry.
It's awesome to the point of majestic.

It's a vending machine, that doesn't require money.

I mean, you just press and the drinks just drops. LIKE OHMYGOD.

Anyway, met up with my classmates and had Seoul Garden after our work. I mean come on, it'll be bad not to celebrate this shitty event. I don't know if it's worth it since my eyes are on the verge of closing. On the topic of my eyes, I apparently rubbed it too hard one night, and now it looks swollen, like someone punched me. So just FYI, don't get any stupid ideas, I just rubbed it too hard. (that's what she said)

Against all odds I manage to churn out a post before I topple, so appreciate it minions and please, talk to me for the next few weeks, especially during my work hours. In the form of messaging. I cannot stand the boringness of it. I finally get how people can go crazy doing this kinda things.

Well, till then!

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