Fridays: Hunger Games, We Are Young
Saturday, March 24, 2012

That's the gist of what yesterday was about.

We watched The Hunger Games at Tiong Bahru yesterday because the town cinemas only had the front rows available, curses for not booking early.

What up! For the record, I haven't read the book yet, so this movie was really awesome. It's not mind blowing in any sense. It's just a really nice story. It's rare these days to have movies to have a real plot that is worth watching even though there isn't a heck lot of visual flare (not that there is little in this show)

Watch it.

Now, for the part that comes after the movie.

To sum it up, there was drink, drunk, and puke. Thankgod I wasn't the one though. I had what could be described as gentleman sips of alcohol.

I'm not the type to drink a lot, or rather, I had annoying rashes the last time I downed a few, so well, it's my policy to keep it tasteful. 

Surprisingly, I didn't know that there will be so many people hanging around Tiong area drinking, like, really lots of people around the bridge. Never hung out at TB before, so I was taken aback by the amount of people trying to prove their youth. 

For the first part of it, I was actually planning on getting home, so did my friend, it was around 1am. However, the others were playing drinking games and we were planning to leave when they're done with it. For the better or worse, they took their sweet time for the last cup. My friend, A, wanted to go home and sleep (he wasn't drinking with them at that moment). Annoyed, he walked over, picked up their cups and down roughly 3~4 shots (mixed) to get them going.

We have a bad-ass over here! 
We were definitely surprised because he doesn't usually do that LOL. But apparently it still wasn't enough for them, so they went to buy another bottle. 

I was totally like,

We went to Great World to get some food when they're done getting the goodies. This was the better/worse/best part of the whole thing depending on how you look at it. 

First, let me talk about the better part of it. 

Roti John (Chicken & Black Pepper)

I ate roughly half of it, and realized, I forgot to take a picture! So here's a half eaten Roti John.

Others had prata and whatnot. Food, is always a good thing; unless you're eating shit, or vegetables. Everything was going fine, but another friend, B, was a goner. His face was on the table the entire time we were eating. His face was flushed red, which was further beautified by his blood shot eyes. 

Waking him up/getting him to move was a tough undertaking, but move him we did. 
As he took the first step out of the shop. Rainbow flew out of his mouth like a gush of splendid sick galore. 

It was so magnificent it scared the living shit out of all the people sitting near the entrance. 

Honestly though, I was amazed by how much rainbow came out of his mouth. Like, he had 3 or 4 expulsions within a 1minute time frame. Was it amusing? Yes, very much so. 

 Alright, I feel like a dick, but he was pretty down in the dumps, so I guess this is acceptable. He treated us Tau Huay earlier on! So in all honesty he's a pretty good guy. 

The moral of the story is, 
Don't drink Black Label 3/4 neat, at least not 4 cups in short amounts of time. (read: plastic cups)

Hung out a little more after that but there's nothing to write home about. We had fun, I suppose. The shitty part was sleeping at 5am, and waking up at 1030. I really need to catch up on my sleep later on. 

Throughout the entire time all I could think of was the song, We Are Young. had it on repeat for half the time I was working. But basically it was this line that was repeating in my head.

So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

Cause B was really out of it man. 

Anyway, this was fun. It's a Friday anyway. Though the rule always to remember is:
"Nothing good ever happens after 2am."

Hah! Fuck that. 

We are young.

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