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Saturday, March 10, 2012

This.. isn't really meant for people to read. I mean, unless you're interested in networking, or you like to see me show off.

I had to write it out somewhere because I'm kind of frustrated and amused. Also, I have a problem at hand that I can't figure out, writing it out helps me visualize it somehow. And if by some luck someone knows the answers to all my question, then, hooray!

As I've mentioned previous, I've got a new Smart TV. Basically it just means that it's more connected. It has DLNA and WIFI. Currently, streaming videos from my phone to the TV works splendidly, except for some formats that it can't read. (I can't blame the TV, it's anime after all. The codec is more complex)

For the main problem, the media that I tried sharing on my laptop, can't be read by the TV. I mean, it can discover it, it lists down all the devices. (all the computers in the house), but it can't seem to find the media within. Of course, there are very simple ways around it, like shifting all my data into a shared folder where I KNOW for fact that it would work. But I don't want that. I want to make it so that I can retain control over the folders shared, without messing up my directories.

The other problem I faced is, when I connect a storage to my router, it will show up on the TV side. All my computers could connect to the drive, and read from it easily. The problem comes with the TV. Sometimes it shows the files, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it shows the folders, but not the files. Basically I haven't got it to work yet. I'm scratching my head and pulling my hair.

The last significant problem is figuring out whether my current network is able to support all the new devices in the house. Let me draw myself a diagram to visualize it.

As I can see, there could be up to 8 devices connected at the same time. The problem isn't the amount, but that they're all connected wirelessly. This could possibly jam up the airwaves. (susceptible to interference)

Of course, chances are, the average will be half the devices, but as geek/engineer, it's fun to think about problems like these. I'm not thinking about this just for the sake of it, I'm planning to connect a storage to the network. So that anyone could access it. So far it worked.

But that's only 1 person testing it. I don't know what performance will be like if 2, or more people connects at the same time.

A simple scenario will be this.
For example, the TV is streaming a HD video from the network. (not the internet). So it will consume a certain about of wireless bandwidth along with CPU power (router). If me and my brother starts watching youtube, what will happen to the network? Of course, internet speeds won't be slowed, but I'm more curious about the wireless network itself. Will it be able to support it?

My router wireless has an amazing 450mbps bandwidth, which translates to 56MB/s. If I include signal strength, overhead and things like that, it'll be roughly.. 30MB/s at best. If a normal HD video eats up roughly 3MB of it. I SHOULD have loads of bandwidth left. So I guess bandwidth isn't an issue. But the latency definitely will be. The router's CPU will definitely be overworked calculating all those things. Which means, I will need to change the location of it and make sure it's well ventilated.

I just realized that I'm just typing out everything that I'm thinking, but I guess this is more useful when I start implementing the solutions. I'm tempted to just buy the things, plug it in and see what happens. But then I wouldn't learn from it.

Oh, I forgot, the other reason I'm thinking about this is because I'm thinking of adding 1 ~ 2 more computers. When I'm done with everything. I think I'll be really satisfied with it, and can proudly say "my work is done here".

When I'm done with this, I think I'm ready to take on VPN and SSH. Man, I feel like a noob.

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