Review: RHA MA-350 earphones
Saturday, March 31, 2012

It finally arrived!

Reid and Heath Acoustics.

I bet it's a name you've never heard before, but it's fine, neither have I. Decided to give them a go after going through quite a few reviews online. It's has a really high rating, turns out it does for a good reason!

For those that really can't be bothered to read about a pair of earphones. Here's the conclusion.

It's the best sub $100 earphones you can get.

You can only get it online, because it's based in UK and you really can't get it anywhere else in the world. I bought it off for £26.99.

However, due to the shipping fees, it costs a cool £34.94, which translates to SGD $70.24. Which by all means, isn't cheap. It is cheaper than my current Klipsch S4 which costs about SGD $120.

If you hate reading my review, then you can just watch this video because it more or less says it all.

Firstly, the build quality is top notch. Machined out of a piece of aluminium, it is really solid. The cable is wrapped with nylon, which makes it tangle resistant. Yes, I said resistant, because nothing is ever truly tangle proof.

As for the aesthetics, there's really nothing to write home about. They look like earphones. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, If you want something with more flare, well, look somewhere else!

The most important part, the sound. 

I'm going to compare with the Klispch Image S4. Because it has long been regarded the best $100 earphones, and also because I had it, so it'll make it an easy comparison.

The thing I find really really good about the MA-350 is that it handles the mid to low tones really well. There's a very warm and smooth sound from the mids. The lows are punchy, but not over bearing. Especially for acoustic music, the piano and guitar sounds are produced really well.

The bass and lows are exceptional for the price it commands. Even when I tested music with lots of bass and lows, increased them using the equalizer, the MA-350 handled the signal beautifully. There's no distortions or muddiness in the lows, the mids felt a little muffled when the bass gets too high, but it's just very slightly.

The RHA MA-350 wins the Klispch S4 in both mids and lows.

As for the section that I'm not impressed with, you guessed it, the highs. The Klispch S4 takes a commanding lead in this aspect. As far as my ears are concerned. The vocals are cleaner, and the cymbals have a nicer crash to them for the Klispch S4. The MA-350 does them pretty well, but it's lacking that little kick at the end of the high spectrum.

In conclusion, I feel that the MA-350 is better than the Klipsch S4, but only just. For people who likes bass, the MA-350 will definitely be a better choice as it handles it magnificently.

Of course, when you look at the $50 price difference, it's a no brainer that the RHA MA-350 completely dominates the field for sub $100 earphones, it has a better sound overall, and the build quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the Klispch S4.

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