So my intern starts tomorrow
Sunday, March 04, 2012

I would love to show you the things I've done over the past couple of days. But sadly, my bro is asleep, and yes I do share the room with him *curses*. So I couldn't possible take photos in the dark.

I could, of course, write my posts in the dark.

Anyway, work starts at 9am tomorrow at Dimension Data. Yeah I know right, that's a pretty cool sounding company. They're dealing with cloud computing, but as an intern, I'll probably be the paper boy around there. Which honestly, kills my mood and make me have no motivation in going there tomorrow.

The upside though, is that it's in town, Suntec. So I'll feel somewhat like a working adult. I'll get to experience the lunch hour rush. Even though it seems largely pointless, I guess it'll be a rather good experience for me working in such environments.

Last but not least, I have no idea what exactly I'll be doing tomorrow, nor do I know what time my work ends. Which honestly does worry me quite a bit. Please, let me end early, so that I could come home and blog about it.

Hung out with awesome people just now, and I talked about removing your google history.

Here's the link for the searches.

As for the youtube,
Go to your account (top right hand corner) -> Video Manager -> History -> Clear all viewing history -> Pause viewing history -> Search History -> Clear all search history -> Pause search history

And you records will stopped being logged. Well, sorry for such a rushed guide but well, I'm gonna hit the bed right now, so goodnight, and wish me luck for tomorrow's work (:

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