Awesome Monday
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've made a decision.

"I'm not going school on Mondays for this semester."

There's actually a very valid reason behind my seemingly rash choice.

I only have 1 lesson, which is a 2 hour lecture. Now, I take 2 hours to travel to and fro. Would I want to waste 4hours of my life on a shitty lovely Monday morning? You might say yes, but I'm going to insist:

Which is why I took the day off and spent it well! In the morning, I played badminton which is my first real exercise since forever. The prove of my laziness is displayed magnificently as muscle aches all over my sore body.

I'm going to post something very retarded, I trust that people who shouldn't see it, wouldn't see it, so here goes.

What is happening?
We forgot to buy shuttlecocks.
It was too damn early.
The shop wasn't opened.
We tried to get attention from the sales person.

So she was just waving frantically at the glass wall. Which is pretty frickin' amusing on it's own. We managed to get the shuttlecocks in the end so all's well!

After that, chilled for awhile before meeting with awesome people for a crazy screaming session of karaoke.

"Bohemian Rhapsody is a wonderful pick for getting high."

Our voices went through the roof with the song! Surprisingly, 4 hours just isn't enough singing for us. Secret confession: Listening to people sing "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift is a really nice and calming feeling.

I realize I haven't quit my addiction for musicals yet. It just feels right. Like a picture puzzle coming together to form a beautiful image, which in this case is orgasmic melody that flows like a river into my eardrums.

I'm currently downloading

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Les Miserable
  • West Side Story

This weekend shall be a peaceful time where I lay and enjoy the higher pleasures of life.

On the side note, I apologize for frequency of posts. Life is either very idle, or ridiculously busy for me. Which explains to bursts of posts from time to time. I would try to keep it as constant as I can though. (daily).

Till next time, this is The Lord, signing off~

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