Daily Photo #84 - Squirting Doraemon
Sunday, April 01, 2012

Bad ass Doraemon

Everyone should buy a Happy Meal and be happy.

Where will we be without Happy Meals?! That's a scary future that I don't want to think about. Anyway, hung out with X&Z. It wasn't I who bought the meal, because I'm happy enough! But basically the gun Doraemon is holding shoots water! How cute is that?

pew pew pew ^^

Here's me taking aim at Z :D

Today is boring. Which is good, because I needed a day to just rest and sleep. Apparently I had flu again yesterday. It's becoming quite retarded how often I catch colds/flu.

As the saying goes,
"Idiots don't catch colds."

I must be one heck of a genius to be catching it so frequently. But well, I hope that I'll be fully recovered tomorrow. I don't want to go to work feeling like a squashed jelly.

Here's a blog update, I will stop posting links on FB and twitter anymore. Because it's getting quite retarded. I mean... I don't need to try so hard to get people to read my stuffs. They'll come if they like it. Obviously the traffic will drop significantly. But at least I know the people who comes are probably interested, rather than just bored.

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