Daily Photo #89 - Punggol End
Sunday, April 29, 2012

Click on image for full effect.

So... they opened up a new part of the Punggol End. I don't know what it's called but it's beautiful as hell. Well, I'm too tired for any other posts so you'll have to live with this.

I'm a sad little guy who skated alone and took pictures. For 2 reasons,
1. There really isn't anyone nearby who can, or is free to do that.
2. Everyone needs some alone time.

I swear the scenery is just, insanely beautiful. Maybe because I picked the evening timing to go around, or because of the way the park is built.

"You know the place is really beautiful, when you unplug your earphones to hear the melody of the grasshoppers."

I was entranced really, by orange rays shining down upon the clear waters and trees.

I'll write a dedicated post tomorrow. But well, this is one of the little awesome things that makes me happy to be alive.

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