Fell sick again.
Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is a joke. I can't believe that I fell sick, again.

The last time was, last week? If I didn't remember wrongly. Either there's something wrong with my sleeping habits, or eating habits, or... it's just the side effects of being a genius.

Thankfully the more annoying things like sore throat, running/block nose is over and done with. Now it's just the stupid flu/fever. I have no idea which.

For some reason, I decided to flash my phone to ICS today. Since there really isn't much that I could do when I'm bed-ridden, I decided to give my phone a little boost. I'm currently running, D4Rom based on CM9. Everything worked perfectly.

Except for 1 thing. MHL. The HDMI out just didn't work. The monitor will show a frozen image even though the phone is working just fine.

the bluetooth keyboard worked exceptionally well.

I can finally alt+tab and cycle through the recent apps. Which really makes a whole of difference. I could use ctrl+a, and other little shortcuts that just brings a smile to my face. Navigation is also improved, I can actually say that using the keyboard is a rather enjoyable experience at the moment.

Of course, I'm rumbling on about some geeky stuffs.

The main point is for me to rant, I hate being sick. I hate feeling giddy. I hate the feeling of uneasiness. Hopefully it'll be totally gone tomorrow.

It is my last day at Dimension Data after all. I would want to leave a good impression. I can't believe that 6 weeks blew past so quickly. My holidays just disappeared like that! As I'm typing this I feel like I'm about to faint any moment. So yes, I think that's my body telling me to sleep. Tomorrow will definitely be good material for an awesome post.