Girlfriends for hire?
Friday, April 06, 2012

No, I'm not trying to hire a girlfriend.

There's an answer though, for all your girlfriend problems 
(or the lack thereof)

I'm as serious as when I told you I'm awesome. Basically you can hire someone for $5 to pretend to be your girlfriend. On social networks, or text you, or call you, or do homework (holy crap!) for you.

Let me just type a few interesting ones I've seen on the front page.

I will teach you HTML for $5
I will teach you rudimentary analytical logic for $5
I will be your clingy fake gf via Facebook and/or texts for $5.
I will teach you proper English AND Slang for $5 
I will send you flirty text messages for $5.
I will talk to you for whatever is on your mind for $5.
I will answer ANY questions you have about girls for $5.

You know, when you look past how retarded this is, I really think that being able to hire a tutor for $5 to teach you whatever things, seems like a pretty good deal. Furthermore, you can be absolutely certain that your tutor will be of the opposite gender.

Is there a male version of this service? It's in beta, so you can rest assure that they're trying.

All jokes aside, I really do think that whoever who came up with this idea is really clever. As long as this doesn't turn into some sluts for hire website, it might actually become some ridiculous educational website. Or a really awesome one used to prank people

I just wanted to share it, hopefully I can change your life, from this, to this.

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