House M.D
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Started watching this show. It's pretty darn good. Annoyingly/amazingly there's like 8 season for me to catch up to. I'm at season 1.

The show is almost exactly like The Mentalist, just that it's in a hospital scenario. The way the story progresses gets repetitive, but well, it's a nice plot so I'm fine with it repeating every episode.

Anyway, in Season 1 episode 4. There's a very interesting moral dilemma that I would like you guys to think about.

There's 6 babies who have been infected by a virus. They've narrowed it down to 2 viruses but there are no tests to check which one is the right one. Giving the babies both antibiotics (to cure both) will cause them to die. Choosing 1 is like a 50/50 chance of them dying.

House came up with a solution. For 2 babies, give them different treatment, 1 for each. If one dies you'll know that the other solution worked. 

Save 5 babies with the life of 1.

Question is, is it a moral thing to do?