I'm a senior starting today
Monday, April 16, 2012

For whatever reasons, I still haven't fully recover from my flu yet. So that's what I've been feeling the entire day.

All that aside, it's finally the start of my final year! It's amazing how quickly time passes. There's only a 2 hour lecture in school today so there's nothing to write home about. But I was doing that animation throughout the lecture.

I realized I haven't been updating my Daily Photo for a couple of days now, I'll search to get a good shot tomorrow!

Long story short, I'm finally a Senior. The school was swarming with breast feeding brats all round, dressed in what they call clothes. Sorry it's not even covering half your body bitch. Sure, I would have appreciated the shameless nudity, but man, I'm just too tired to check them out today.

I observed an interesting trend. 

The amount of cloth is on a downward trajectory,
but the average level of beauty remains constant,
yet the attractiveness increases. 

The conclusion I can draw from this is that:  men, are horny creatures.

Here's The Lord signing off.

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