Prolink PKM-3810B review
Sunday, April 08, 2012

Look, I bought a floating keyboard.
Okay no, I got a Bluetooth keyboard.

So that I could... connect it to my phone/laptop, and use it wirelessly. For the phone part, it's so that I could connect to it, and type my notes on it. Yes, I plan to bring it to school.

Why you might ask?
Because I can. 

No really, that's my reason. It's not like I need it, it's not like I couldn't just bring my laptop to school. It's not like I couldn't control my laptop solely with a mouse.

Alright, it's mainly because it's a hassle to bring a laptop just for the sake of notes. Also, remember the mini dock I made? When I put my phone on it, and connect it to a monitor, it's really quite troublesome to probe the screen for whatever reasons. So, a keyboard allows me to transform my phone into a mini desktop!

Anyway, it costs $52, from Challenger. There's another one from Ranger which costs roughly $44, didn't get that cause I didn't like how it looked.

Is it worth it? Nah, it's shit on that aspect.
Will you need it? I honestly don't think so.
But is it fun? Hell yes.

Alright, this requires a little explanation. My laptop is connected to my TV, and for whatever reasons, I didn't expose the photo correctly, so I had to make drastic changes to show that it is my desktop displayed on the screen.

The keyboard is connect to my laptop through bluetooth, along with my Microsoft mouse which is connect using a dongle.

With this, I could control the TV (ok I'm just controlling the laptop) from the kitchen. Yeah, I tried. The keyboard looks white cause I put the protector on for the fun of it. When I was done with all the fun I could have with the TV, I moved to my room, where I connect my phone to my 23" monitor.

In case you're wondering, that's Gamaran (manga)
 As you can see, I'm reading manga on it, I could scroll down using the arrow keys and advance with Enter. It's a surprisingly pleasing experience! Youtube, simple games, messaging, email, etc, works pretty well, though it's kind of troublesome navigating around with a keyboard. Which makes an investment into a mouse very tempting.

Of course, here's the main reason I got it.

My phone is docked nicely so it's at an optimum angle for me to write whatever crap I have on my mind.

The response time is pretty good, so I could type relatively fast on it. Without a doubt it's miles behind the comfort that my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard provides, but well, it's a huge leap in the right direction towards being a mobile warrior.

Oh wait, before you ask me why I didn't connect my phone to the TV, I did. I just didn't feel like writing about it because it's kind of silly. Imagine enlarging your phone display by 10x. It just looked really dumb.

In conclusion, do I regret dumping 50 bucks on a keyboard?

Nope. I'm sure I've increased the usefulness of my phone by more than $50. Like I've said guys, your phone is really really powerful. Especially since I'm using a Galaxy S2. There is a project done by some really smart guys out there in the internet, to bring Linux to all Android phones. Of course, one of the requirements is having dual core.

My phone does.

I'm sure there'll be a lot more hacking and shit going on, so yep, I'm sure the keyboard will come in very handy. This is The Lord signing off!

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