Punggol End... End?
Sunday, April 29, 2012

As I was saying in the previous post, I went skating to the end of Punggol End yesterday.

I took quite a few pictures, some are repetitive so i won't bother posting them, and some I would like to keep for my daily photo thingy.

Let me start by showing what I think would be your favourite shot, followed by mine.

Sick contrast! 

Because well, people like colorful thingies.
Me too, but this the bottom one is my favourite shot.

It's a panorama by the way

You would really want to click on it to see the full res.
(though technically it isn't since I scaled it down for web)

Oh oh oh, before I forget, all these images are shot using my Samsung Galaxy SII.

Instead of words, let the images do the talking for me.

I wanted to focus on the guy, but you know, it's a phone and all

Feels like I'm in another country

Giant, beautiful clouds

Amazing eh? Maybe I'm just really lucky that day to be able to let me eyes feast on the wonders of nature.

Alright, let me end this off with an incredible panorama of the pictures above.

Click on the image, really.

It's near perfect even by my standards. Everything just... fits!

Needless to say, I was put into a really great mood that day after spending some alone time. So, go visit that place someday! It'll be a great experience, as long as it's not in the heat of the noon.

Or, you know, could always ask me to go down together. Alleviate some of my loneliness. Ah, the troubles of a genius.

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