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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I amuse myself by how stupid I am.

After tweaking some settings on my laptop, and router*.

Paranoia: not revealing my router IP

I manage to achieve some really incredible ping timings.

I did the test in the hall, which is roughly... 10m away from the router*. (yeah small house eh?) But what amuses me is that there is no LOS for the connection. The bandwidth I achieved is 45~120Mbps. With 60~81Mbps being the average.

This is no surprise as my router could pump out a 450Mbps connection should the wireless card support it. (my laptop's max is 300). I'm just really impressed with the average 2ms ping times.

What I've done is to allow my laptop to switch to the 5GHz spectrum if it's within range. Because of the dual spectrum and whatever crap that you probably don't bother about, here's an awesome map of the wireless networks around my laptop.

Paranoia: not revealing my SSID
As you can see, it covers a happy 4~12 channel. Any of my classmates reading this, this is how you apply wide-band spectrum in real life, this why you can minimize external interference to your network.

I just felt really stupid because I could've and should've done this way earlier. Oh well, we all live and learn. 

What I don't understand sometimes is why other people have so many problems with their networks. I really  haven't done a lot to mine. Is it because I tend to use more expensive equipment? Well, I guess I'm going to learn a lot more about whatever I'm doing this semester ^^

Here's The Lord, signing off!

note: router* = residential gateway

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