What would you attempt to do, if you could not fail?
Tuesday, April 03, 2012

This is an interesting video.

If you hadn't known about all these, I'm pretty sure all these technology advancement will absolutely blow your mind. Well... I've been following all the tech news daily, so this is pretty... old?

Either way, DARPA is a US government funded military organisation. As you can probably imagine, a lot of the technologies can be, and probably will be used for military purposes. She's the head, or was, because she has transferred to Google, doing an undisclosed job. (i'm really curious)

I'm not going to talk about those things. But she has left a very powerful thought in my head.

"What will I attempt to do, if I could not fail?"

I thought about it.

It really made me think about the things I've given up doing because I thought I would fail.

Maybe I would chase after that really beautiful girl I saw the other day?

Nah. That's probably not the top of my list. (it's definitely in the list though). But if I could do anything that isn't ridiculous, I would invent teleportation.

TELEPORT. Like, beam me up! 

But really, there are many many reasons why I want to invent that. Firstly, because it'll be fun. I can travel anywhere, anytime I want. I could travel as far out into the universe, and be back just in time for dinner.

I would never run late for any appointments, I will never find travelling a hassle, and humans could colonize the entire universe!

If I could not fail, I would make superpowers possible.
If I could not fail, I would create perpetual energy.
If I could not fail, I would build a real hogwarts.
If I could not fail, I would mind read people.

Now for the more, realistic stuffs.

If I could not fail, I would get PHD in Mathematics.
If I could not fail, I would master at least 1 programming language inside out.
If I could not fail, I would make  photography a career.
If I could not fail, I would make drawing a career.
If I could not fail, I would write a book and publish it.
If I could not fail, I would marry my next girlfriend.
If I could not fail, I would do so much more than I ever dreamed I could.

I would write a very long post about this. Sadly, I need to sleep, which is why I'm ending here.

Please think hard about it. Think about the things you've given up doing because you didn't thought you could do it. I felt like I've given up on a lot of things because of this useless attitude. Like she said, it's not going to be easy, in fact it's very hard to maintain this thought.

But I'm going to try, just try, to do something amazing. 

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