Daily Photo #101 - Drummers outside Expo
Sunday, May 27, 2012

It was really loud

Went to the IT fair at Expo yesterday to take a look. It was a disappointed array of products, nothing interesting to speak of.

However, as we're leaving, this little performance perked me up again. It was a good performance albeit an assault on my ears due to the sheer volume of the drums. But yeah I could feel the groove, and if it wasn't retarded I would've moved my body to the beat.

On the random note, this was shot on my phone. I'm started to shoot more often on my phone than my compact camera. Because... my phone is smaller than a camera. And I think I've made progress in my post-processing skills. I think the image looks better than something taken by a phone. Oh well, I need to invest in a good camera in the future.

There are better things to buy though. 

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