Daily Photo #102 - My first Big Mac
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking awesome

I finally ate my very first Big Mac! In years and years of my life that has passed by, I've never ordered a Big Mac before. If i had to think of a reason I can give 2.

  1. It's more expen$ive than the others.
  2. I love McWings.

The grand unveiling.

Oh, look at that scrumptious burger! I just can't wait to take a bite and send it down my gullet.

Obviously, the question is, do I like it?
In short, yes.

But there isn't THAT much of a different from a Double Cheese Burger.
So... anyway I'm having my exams currently. It ends tomorrow so hopefully I'll have better things to write about. The past 2 papers has been alright. Fucked up today's paper (OS). At least I passed, oh well.

Alright, I'm going to design and change the stupid copyright logo that has been there for so long.

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