Exploring randomly in Punggol
Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Beautiful bridge

It was supposed to be a nice little skating trip where we get to explore the secret beauty of Singapore.
But we encountered a ridiculous thunder storm. 

Of course, since it's raining and I don't have a waterproof camera, nor a very good one, I didn't really take any pictures that I really liked, except for Daily Photo #91. 

I manage to salvage this though.

I must say that even though the photo is almost complete devoid of details, it retains enough to make out what it is, and it has nice calligraphy feel to it. Which impressed me.

Anyway, walked with J for hours exploring the path I didn't take the other time thanks to the annoying gravel. All we did was walking, so... unless you're there I don't think my words will make it anymore interesting.

I'm hard pressed to find a word or a way to describe the experience.

It wasn't great,
but it wasn't bad either.
It wasn't fun,
but it wasn't boring either.
It wasn't interesting,
but it's not mundane either.

Well, it was like a prolonged night walk. The cold subtle breeze from the river along with the smell of the after rain makes for a nice walk. (though honestly that feeling definitely wore off after 3hours of walking)

Everything aside, I have to pat myself on the back, for my pictures are getting better. Though, it's really pretty darn boring without a model. Though, I really don't want to shoot anyone with a compact, it's stupid. Now, if only if there's a beautiful girl who would offer her services.

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