West Side Story
Sunday, May 06, 2012

I watched this last week. Was supposed to write about it but I guess it slipped my mind while I was writhing in joy.

This film was shot in 1961. But trust me, it's good. If you like musicals that is. Even if you don't, please, have a watch, it'll change your world!

Took a couple of screen shots because I simply love the way they did the film. It's literally an art piece, the way the things are shot. It's like they planned every scene as a picture, not a film.

"Did I mention that the actress is ridiculously beautiful?"

Throughout the show I felt like it has a striking resemblance to Romeo and Juliet, after a simple search, found out that it was indeed inspired from R&J. Guess you can never go wrong with a classic.

It's picture perfect!

Well, if you can't get your hands on a copy, drop me a message. I'll pass to you.

Here's the famous song from the film.

Hopefully you'll find it familiar.

It makes me wonder, what happened where people can sing and dance and be gay and not be judged. Well, here's a video that you must definitely watch. It may be a spoiler, but it makes me grin the entire time!

If possible I would really want to go see a musical in a theater. Go Broadway and open my eyes. I really need to start saving for the trips in the future!

"It's not just for gays anymore." 
-Neil Parick Harris

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