City Harvest Church incident
Thursday, June 28, 2012

So if you didn't know yet, City Harvest Church founder has been arrested for laundering money from the church, at least 23 million.

The infamous founder

I never believe in religion of any sort anyway, so well, I won't really say anything much about this, it's just kind of the "I told you so" feeling that I get.

The interesting part about the news to me, isn't about the laundering and financing some woman's music career. But the way the news phrased their words. They used the word Allegedly countless of times.

I'm no English expert, but I have never used allegedly before, never. Not in my blogs, not when talking to my friends or any other places. I find it to be a very vague word. Also, I didn't quite fully understand the meaning of that word. The obvious action to take is to Google it of course.

That is totally not helpful at all. So I searched Alleged.

Then I thought about it.

Is the news saying that, they think that he did all that money business, but they don't have concrete proof of it? In that case, they are just accusing him of doing shit throughout without proper evidence and that the judge hasn't ruled anything yet.

I'm not defending him or anything, I have little to no faith in humanity. When given a chance to fuck up, you be damn sure a human will.

I'm just rather unhappy with the way the news reported this incident. They could have used simpler words like supposedly, or suspected, or has large amounts of evidence pointing to. Rather than just using the word allegedly. I mean, even I have to Google that shit to make sure I wasn't imagining the wrong meaning. What's to say that other people will understand what the statement truly meant?

Most people would probably take it as
"Man cheats money, arrested."

Oh well. Fuck the social media. 

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