Daily Photo #107 - Years of phones
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top row: My brother's | Bottom row: Mine

My brother found out that there's not enough space in his cupboard, so he started to take things out to clear some space. He realized that he had years of phone boxes stored inside. So I decided to take out my collection as well, so that we can take a nice phone family picture then throw them away, except the newer ones of course.

Technically a Galaxy Tab is not a phone. But oh well, it's a mobile device so whatever.

Then I made a tower with it.

His Lumia 800 is the latest phone so it gets to be on top.
Then he arranged it as a puzzle.

Man, phone have came a long way since it's first debut. We've had older ones, but the boxes should be decomposing under the earth somewhere right now. (or it's already incinerated)

Oh technology, words can't describe how much I adore you <3

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