Daily Photo #109 - Before school starts
Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drinking is bad

Yeah. It was fun in it's own way.

The funny thing is that for some reason everyone K.O pretty quickly. The ones who could continue were bored until they were tired and didn't continue. Which is a good thing!
Cause drinking is bad.

It's fine once in a while though.

Well, we didn't even finish half of them. I really wonder which idiot came up with the idea that it's right to finish them when drinking. For some reason, my friends didn't like Jack Daniel's or Chivas. Quite surprising to me. I really have no idea what it's classified as, but I do prefer them to wine.

Long story short.
Eat. Drink. Play. Sing. Drink. Eat. Talk. Rest. Eat.

Eating is integral to living. Which is why we have 3 of it.
"I eat, ergo I am."

Ah, whatever. School term starts tomorrow. (Though I'm skipping tomorrow. Practical reasons.) Damn it, it's 6pm, the last time I ate was 8am. I think my thoughts are not connecting, still really tired. So I shall end it here. I'm glad I did whatever I did instead of staying at home and geeking out.

Carpe diem my friends!
or YOLO if you're stupid.

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