Disassembling and cleaning my laptop
Thursday, June 14, 2012


It has been about 2 years or so since I got this. This is the first time I actually opened it up fully. (the other time was just upgrading the HDD to SSD)

My only reason is just to clean it. Mainly because it's running really hot lately and I'm pretty darn sure it's because of the dust building up inside. Surprisingly, there really isn't as much dust as I expected. Probably due to me regularly cleaning it. So here's the unveiling of the internals!

It is, really a lot easier to open up than ACER laptops. I hate ACER laptops due to the way it's constructed. I took a couple more shots for the sake of it.

I noticed something interesting. The way the heat is distributed across is kind of shitty. The orange thingy you see is a copper pipe. It transfers the heat from the presumably graphics chip along with the CPU beside with a separate pipe to the fan/heat sink. It's ingenious, but a really cheaps way of doing it. CHEAPSKATE.

There is... almost no airflow to speak off. At least that's what I can tell from the design of the fan.

It's the moment of "oh, no wonder". Also, if you notice, there are some discolouration in the copper pipes. That's because it probably sustained high temperatures for quite a long period of time. Which causes it to oxidize, as you can see from the darker blotches. That translates to lower conductivity over time.

Of course, my parents wouldn't understand WTF I'm saying, I'll just be waiting for this laptop to fail. Let's hope it doesn't fuck up during something important.

Oh well, this has been an interesting experience for me. 

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Hi,I wish to clean my laptop too, I am afraid I might make it non functional while doing so but my curiosity to open it up prevents me from getting it cleaned at a Vaio center, Do you mind giving transitory steps/images to open vpcea16fg?
Thanks in advance!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 6, 2014 at 12:16 PM  

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