FFT: Where is the limit of technology?
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FFT: Food For Thought

Should have used this phrase way earlier, but the other articles were written based on my mood and what happened to be on my mind. This time, I actually thought about it for awhile.

As you have probably noticed, technology has been advancing at an alarming rate. There doesn't seem to be anything to stop it. Every time you think that your life is all fine and dandy, something amazing pops out, making you want something you never knew you wanted.

A good example is your phone. Do you really need a phone that has 4 cores with all the crazy speed? Nope. You really don't need that for a phone. Until someone said, "Hey! We could make really addictive games on it."

Your computers are also way faster than you really need them to be.

Even so, computing speed has been increasing pretty linearly and your internet is getting even faster. What are we going to do with all that technology? Instead of words, let the videos do the talking instead.

Google's Project Glass

Corning's A day made of Glass

Corning's A day made of Glass 2

Of course, we have really ingenius people trolling the public with their amazing 3D no-glass technology.

Other than the last video, the others are really close within our grasp. If they really want to invest in it, you could see all those in 5 years. It's so cool that you want all of it to happen right now, the way forward is of course all the science fiction things that you can think of, like telepresence, teleportation, holograph movies and such.

However, what's at the end of it? Or is there really an end?
I think there is.

I think that, the ultimate technology is to be able to replicate reality. Which means that, we would be able to create a space where you can virtualize space, feeling, food, people. Basically we can manipulate the atoms to artificially create a world that is no different from reality.

Now, would you call that a fake, virtual world; or reality? Since everything is "made" by us, we can in fact, be Gods. Since we can create humans at will, each having their own personality and will. The ultimate technology. Let's say we manage to achieve that.

Can you think of any other thing greater than that?

I can't. I think that's the limit of human imagination. There may be something beyond that, but I am unable to imagine it. I'm bounded by the idea of God. It's hard to imagine something greater than that. Maybe millions, billions of years into the future, we will all be really bored with life because we could do anything, literally.

Maybe then, we would reset everything and we'll be back to where we started.

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