Random poem
Sunday, June 10, 2012

There once was a boy with ambitions so high
He stood on his toes and began to fly
Spreading his arms like a bird's wing
He flew in the sky and started to sing
"Laa daa bee daa loo daa bee dee"
The people below was jealous and green
They conspired together to be mean to him
They shouted and scream, did all sorts of things
He crouched in a corner all hurt and faint
No voice could express his deep hidden pain
He tried smiling but it was in vain
All the hatred had turned him insane
All his friends left him, his family too
No one to talk to as he was taboo
He cried days and nights
With no hope in sight
He breathe his last breath intoxicated with beer
Then dropped to the ground drowning in tears
Killed by his own fear and shunned by his peers
He was the boy with ambitions so high
I tell this story, and end with a sigh.