Typing is awesome
Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is one of the days when my nails are short and my fingers are not sleeping. Which allows me to type comfortably at a rather fast pace.

All of this just makes me feel that, typing is a really awesome thing that has been invented. Can you imagine writing all of these down? This is my 310th post on LordofGeeks, I really don't think I have that kind of patience and perseverance to do it by hand.

Sometimes, I really do prefer typing out my thoughts rather than saying them out loud. It's just less of a hassle. Of course, it's that anti-social awareness creeping in my head. As much as I love to just put my thoughts in written words, some stuffs just sound better coming out from the mouth. Fuck you for example.

So anyway, I'm a relatively fast typist. 100+wpm on average and maybe around 80+ when I need to think and write, eg. a blog post.

I think everyone should learn how to touch type. That means typing without looking at the keyboard, using your sense of touch and muscle memory to type faster. Of course, you should also learn the proper way of typing. I've only managed to do that this year due to my ignorance. Just for your info, this is how your fingers are supposed to be placed.

It may take awhile to get used to it, but it improves your accuracy by leaps and bounds.

The feeling of being able to materialize what you're thinking directly on the screen while you're thinking about it is simply a blissful feeling. Though I guess I'm speaking from a geek's perspective.

In any case, being able to type properly and fast is never a bad thing so start changing your bad habits! 

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