Anime Review: Tsuritama
Monday, July 16, 2012

This anime came out this spring season. It has ended not long ago with the welcoming sight of the summer season's anime.

I watched the first episode and thought it was not bad, but I didn't continue as I was interested in some other animes and I didn't have that much time. However, I decided to download the whole season in a go and sat down to have a watch.

It was way better than I thought it would be! 

Yuki Sanada is a high school student who lives with his grandmother, a woman whose career requires frequent relocation which prevents the boy from establishing any real friendships, much less the social skills necessary to initiate them. When ever he becomes anxious, he freezes in place, unable to breathe, donning a markedly demonic expression—so potent with seemingly latent rage that others become wary of him at its appearance. Shortly after arriving at their home on the grandmother's most recently sanctioned work base, the island of Enoshima, a zealous transfer student named Haru—wielding a water gun and sporting a fish bowl atop his head—appears on their doorstep claiming to be an alien and that he will thenceforth be living in the same house; the grandmother agrees to allow such if Haru simply meets one condition (which is undisclosed to the audience). Haru's presence continually makes Yuki uncomfortable. The two also meet a secluded young fisher, Natsuki Usami, nicknamed "The Fishing Prince". An Indian boy named Akira watches Haru from a distance with his duck Tapioca.

It sounds absolutely nonsensical. That's because it is.

The entire show is about fishing and aliens. As boring/crazy as it may sound, it's a very interesting combination of both, producing a rather unique kind of comedy.

An example is this face the main character makes when he's stressed.

This show also has incredible songs and OST. Here's the main theme of the show.

I love the ending song. However, I couldn't find a place to stream it from. So here's a link to download the ending song.

Download the one with 2 songs. The song that you must listen to is
Sora mo Toberu Hazu

I'm totally hooked onto that song, apparently it's a remake by another band, the song is like from the 90s, still, it's totally my type of song, if you don't like it then I really don't think we can be good friends.

Overall, I would give the show 8.5/10

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