Daily Photo #111 - Dinner, trolled by my friend
Sunday, July 08, 2012

Last Friday, my friend promised to cook me dinner.

I said, "Hell no! Let's go somewhere else to eat instead."
But he insisted. Claiming that there is deliciousness to be found beyond his words. "I'll prepare some other food as well!"

The result is plain as day.

His reaction

My reaction: "Son, I'm disappoint"

Moral of the story.
"Never trust a guy with cooking."

Well, another guy W, also screwed up on making the pasta sauce couple weeks ago. This recent incident reinforced my distrust in the cooking of my gender. That said, I'm not a terrible cook, cause I'm a genius.

Oh well whatever, it was funny because couple hours later he had a really bad stomachache.

p.s. those were instant noodles if you can't tell.

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