Daily Photo #112 - Hot hot soccer
Saturday, July 21, 2012

Went to play soccer at one of a nearby secondary school in Tampines. Against a team I have never seen before.

We won, 3-2. 

Frankly speaking, I have barely any reaction towards it as I practically did absolutely nothing to affect the game. The sun was incredibly hot. Like, searing heat beating on your skin relentlessly, searching for a weak point to penetrate into your tender flesh. 

It's been more than a year, almost 2 in fact, since I've made contact with a soccer ball with my foot. I am really not excited about having a debut in a field soccer match. (because I hate running).

Well, all my whining aside, it does feel rather good to gather with all the mates from my secondary school again. Everyone seemed to have stepped onto a different path of life, but well, seeing everyone back together feels like 3 years hasn't passed at all.

There wasn't really a vantage point for me in the field, so the pictures ended up rather bland. Here's an attempt at salvaging a photo.


That was a rather lousy picture, but I couldn't leave you with such a bad after taste, so here's one picture that is at least decent.

p.s. the fucking sun gave me a headache.

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