FFT: Bucket List
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Does any one of you have a list of things you want to do before you die? Did you write them down?

I have a lot of things I want to do before I die, but I always forget to write it down somewhere. My blog's a good a start as any other place so here's where I'm going to start thinking about all the things that I want to do before I kick the bucket.

  1. Learn piano until I can play any songs freely
  2. Learn guitar
  3. Sky diving
  4. Skinny dipping
  5. Travel around the world
  6. namely Japan(Shibuya/Akihabara), UK(London), Paris, Athens, etc.
  7. Witnessing the aurora borealis with my own eyes
  8. Learn to draw manga properly
  9. Earn enough to not worry about money
  10. Design the interior of my house
  11. Watch all the famous musicals in theaters
  12. Get a proper camera and get into photography
  13. Visit the Large Hadron Collider 
  14. Visit the telescopes up in the northern hemisphere
  15. Get a dog
  16. Change the world even if just a little
  17. Do a back/front flip
  18. Bungee Jump
  19. Fly a plane
  20. Drive a boat
  21. Live in a wooden cottage for at least 3months
  22. Make my room into a permanent blanket/pillow fortress
  23. Learn calligraphy

There are a ton of other things I want to do, but off the top of my head that's all I could think of. The list pretty much shows what kind of a person I am. I like everything.

I find most of the things around me amusing. Which is why I feel like an idiot in many occasions. Have you ever seen me smiling/laughing to myself before. Or giggling for no reason? If you did, it's because I saw/thought of something really amusing at that moment, something that is rather impossible to share unless you possess the exactly same mind as I do.

It is rather embarrassing when people stare at me with that "what are you laughing about" look.

I could however, share some of the common things that you might understand why I find it amusing. When I'm bored, a lot of attention is put into observing my surroundings. Especially your actions.

For example, if you hit yourself accidentally somehow (slight ones), and I saw it. Or if you were looking for something in your bag and you couldn't find it, the minute changes in facial expressions exposes your thoughts clearly and I find it amusing how I could simply read your mind like a book. It's really those little insignificant things that plays into some of the weird quirks of mine.

But I digress, the topic is, do you have a bucket list? People who read this could tell me some of theirs one of these days. I'm rather interested in what people wants to do in order to die without regrets.

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