FFT: Texting vs talking IRL, which is the true you?
Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am ridiculously tired right now. So I'm a little annoyed that this thought popped up in my head, but if I don't write this down now, I"m probably gonna forget all about it tomorrow.

I skated for quite a few hours today, and I was already rather sleepy to begin with. At the end of the session, I could barely keep up a conversation with my friends. I was just... moving around half dazed and putting in just enough words to make it a "conversation".

On my way home, I started texting my friend. Even though I am in the same state as before, I could phrase my words properly and sound a little more alive, since I do not have to react in real-time. You can probably see where I am going with this now.

I started wondering, "which is the true me?"

Is it the one that people talk to in real life, where they can instantly see my reactions and replies on the spot?
Or is the the one that people view me when we chat through text, where I could channel my thoughts into words properly?

When we text, and put things into written words, we have the luxury of time and chance to present the best of ourselves to the opposite party. Whether we want to make ourselves classy, uncouth, friendly, cold, funny, or any other characteristics you might deem desirable. We might have reactions that would otherwise sour a conversations not be said out when you have the time to review yourself.

But in real-time conversations face to face, we tend to be a little more rash with our outbursts of thoughts. Subtle reactions can show that you're displease with whatever others are saying, conflict of opinions are in plain sight and regrettable words might be said.

So... which is the one that best represents us?

Before you jump up and scream that the "real you" is the one that speaks face to face, let me give you a counter argument to that. We all have our faults, we all have difference levels of tolerance for bullshit. If putting your thoughts into written words allow you to control the undesirable side of you, and you are conscious of it; doesn't it make that a good characteristic since you are putting an effort in making yourself a better person?

Well, my answer is sadly, an ambiguous one. Because it's both. I don't think just one of it can tell the full story.

This is just my opinion, but I think that personalities are half-assed things. It's evident by how we have different personalities depending on the person we're interacting with. Though you could argue that that is behaviour rather than personality, but your behaviour is a reflection of your personality and whatnot, the thing is, they are closely related enough for me to just use the word "personality".

Since I really can't put a definite form on someone's personality, my conclusion is simple.

If I like you, I like you.
If I don't like you, I don't like you.
I don't give a rat's ass about what others have to say about you.
As long as you don't have a jackass personality around me, I'm cool with it.

What about you?

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