Overwhelmed by sloth.
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have absolutely no motivation to do anything.
Or phrased in a nicer way, I have an unyielding determination to do absolutely nothing.

That conclusion was reached because every night, before I sleep, I feel sad and utterly useless. (recently) Not exactly in the depressed and void of hope way, but everyday, I feel like I could've done something more. Something that makes a difference to my life or others. I could've placed a little more effort in my studies. I could've used the time for my hobbies.

At last, it was all just wasted. 

Now, I literally just want to satisfy my hunger then sleep. The moment before I sleep is like the highlight of everyday. That feeling of cuddling under your blanket surrounded by softness, like you're being cradled by white fluffy clouds. Persisting comfort until you drift into unconsciousness. Pathetic as it may sound, it has been true, at least for recently. Everything else seems like a chore and a pain in the ass.

I've just started watching Running Man. It's funny as hell, I get entertained just by lying there and staring at a monitor. I can be satisfied with my day, just like that.

This also explains the lesser posts these days. I am simply tired. To the point where dying seems like a viable option.

I'm kidding, dying is never an option. Fuck that shit I'm immortal.

Of course, this is a new low for me in the department of motivation. I am only writing this down to serve as a warning to my future self. It's more convincing because it came from me. The Lord.

You were an idiot. Stop being an idiot.
Move your fucking ass and work like a dog.
Now go forth and bring riches to my future future self.

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