Rant of annoyance
Saturday, July 07, 2012

Haven't been posting for the past couple days, busy, tired, not in the mood.

Anyway, I just got pissed off and I need somewhere to rant. Doesn't make sense to rant to my friends about such a small matter but it's really a thorn in the flesh for me.

So, the thing is, I fell sick today. 
Mum offered to cook porridge for dinner, which I gladly accepted. At 720PM, there was no sign of any cooking at all. My dad, seeing that I might be hungry, offered to go and buy dinner for me.

Then my mum started to annoy the fuck out of both of us. Saying that it doesn't take long for her to make porridge, it's a waste of money and shit.

OK. I get that it's your love that makes it over bearing, but you really need to know how long it takes for porridge to be cooked. The one I prefer when I'm sick, takes a long time, at least 30mins. Really, I haven't had much for the entire day, so I'm starving like a hobo.

You really think it's worth it to quarrel with me over "not waiting for you to cook the porridge"?

She started shouting at me because of that. I'm like. What the fuck?
Hello, I'm not in the best of mood over here?
My exact words to her was this.

You really think I don't want to eat your porridge?
You really think I PURPOSELY ask dad to buy dinner so that I won't have to eat your cooking?
You really think I rather die than eat your porridge?
You really think I'm just doing this for fun?
You really think I'm that kind of person?

Of course, having to do this pissed the shit out of me as I'm having a sore throat. My attitude throughout the entire time was, Dude, wtf, seriously?

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