Thinking: Act of forgiving
Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This happened couple of days back. 

I was supposed to meet up with my childhood friends for breakfast at 930AM. However, they only reached at 10. I was annoyed, more so than normal. 2 main reasons.

1. I'm grumpy in the morning.
2. I had a really bad running nose and didn't have tissue.

About point 2, I couldn't leave my seat as it was crowded but I need to clear my nose and what not, you get the idea. I ended up just getting up and getting some relief for my nose anyway. Well, I left earlier because someone asked me out but it's not like I really couldn't stay for the breakfast.

Later in the day, I reviewed my actions and thought, "dafuq? why was i so annoyed?"

Though I really didn't do anything wrong per say, but you know, I find it helpful to review my own feelings later on and decide whether it's justified or not. Okay, I did forgive them in the end, because I mean, we've been friends for so damn long.

But here's the main point.
I think I get annoyed more easily when it concerns people I expect more from. 

This is going to sound really crude but if you did something wrong or be annoying towards me, and I just let it go and forgive you easily, it's probably because I don't expect shit from you.

It just seems counter-intuitive to me, but it also makes sense that we expect more from people we care about. It's a really old-concept but I guess that some feelings applies to everyone.

p.s. I hate it when people are late.
p.p.s I'm really grumpy in the mornings.

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